Individual Sessions

Introduction to A.S.K. Lens

This session introduces the A.S.K. Lens - an outline to support the holistic health of young people of Color and the adults that work with them. In addition to holistic health, we'll also discuss barriers to holistic health including racism and trauma. About half of this session is spent in action focused conversations with participants sharing collective knowledge.

Developing the A.S.K. Lens

This session dives deeper into the A.S.K. Lens - agency, safety, and knowledge.

Using the A.S.K. Lens

This session uses the A.S.K. Lens to look at curricula and activities, identity and intersectionality, and building relationships. This session is focused on application and sharing collective knowledge.

Pricing for Organizations

Complete Series: $575

Individual Sessions

  • Introduction to A.S.K. Lens: $150
  • Developing the A.S.K. Lens: $300
  • Using the A.S.K. Lens: $150

*As of May 2022

Other Information

Sessions are currently only offered virtually.

Individuals must participate in sessions in order (e.g., in order to participate in Developing the A.S.K. Lens individuals need to participate in Introduction to A.S.K. Lens).

Please email for more information.