About ELIE Circle

Think about all the adults this girl interacts with in a day that are unintentionally harming and maintaining unsafe spaces for her.

ELIE Circle works to eliminate that through professional development training sessions that create trauma informed communities - environments that focus on not re-traumatizing individuals and assist with development that may have been lost or delayed due to trauma - emotion regulation and empathy for example.

Black Girl - Harm

Life Changing Tools

Trauma informed care is a framework for interacting with the world - in particular those that experience complex trauma and continuous stress.  The advantages of trauma informed care are that it is not a treatment modality, anyone can be trained on the approach, and it doesn't ignore the experiences of individuals.  Having a basic understanding in trauma informed care protects against doing more harm to people that are being traumatized elsewhere.  While our services are applicable for any organization, ELIE Circle prioritizes training staff without a psychology, social work, or similar background at child serving organizations.